Do we cater for private functions?

Yes. Please click on the link for more information regarding this.

Do we allow children in the bar?

Yes, however, we ask the parents or accompanying adults to please ensure ALL CHILDREN remain with them at all times and are seated at the same booth. Children are not permitted to run freely. This ensures comfort for all patrons.

Do we serve food?

Yes, please have a look at the menu on the website.

Do we have an outside area?

Yes, we have an outdoor sun terrace in the back.

Do we accept credit cards?

Yes, but only for €10.00 and more.
We however do not accept Diners Club or American Express cards.

Do we have entertainment?

Yes, please see the Event Calendar for upcoming events.

How many functions are catered for at once?

Chicago’s Lounge Bar will only cater one private event at a time.